‘Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha’ held successfully at Faridabad (Haryana)

Oath taken by Hindus during Dharmajagruti Sabha :
Hindu Rashtra is our birth right and we shall get it !

From left : ‘Pujya’ Dr. Charudatta Pingale, Shri. Digambar Raina, Kum. Kruttika Khatri and Adv. Chetana Sharma

Faridabad (Haryana) : Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) held Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha (sabha) on 25th December near Kali Badi Mandir in Sector 29. All participants took an oath that ‘Hindu Rashtra is our birth right and we shall get it’. ‘Pujya’ Dr. Charudatta Pingale, national Guide of HJS, advocate Chetana Sharma of ‘Hindu Swabhiman’, Shri. Digambar Raina of ‘Panun Kashmir’, Kum. Anita Rana of Sanatan Sanstha and Kum. Krutika Khatri, of Ranaragini Division of HJS addressed the participants. The dignitaries inaugurated android Sanatan Hindi Panchang- 2017 which imparts ‘Dharmashikshan’ to Hindus, on this occasion.

Make a demand of Hindu Rashtra
if India is not to be converted into
Islamic State ! – ‘Pujya’ Dr. Charudatta Pingale

Pujya’ Dr. Charudatta Pingale said, “After Kashmir, Hindus are running away from Kairana and Azamgad in Uttar Pradesh but the rulers are keeping mum. In coming period, there would not be option of secular nation or Hindu nation but owing to entry of ISIS in India, the option would be Islamic State or Hindu Rashtra. We should therefore, understand the danger of jihadis engulfing this country. We do not want India to be an Islamic country; therefore, we should constantly demand for India to be declared as a Hindu Rashtra.”


In next ten years, Bharat will
either be a Hindu Rashtra or a country
without Hindus ! – Advocate Chetana Sharma

“If we don’t learn anything from past history, it creates same incidents again and again; therefore, if we do not learn anything from past history, India will either be a country without Hindus and if we learn something from history, India will be a Hindu Rashtra,” stated advocate Chetana Sharma.


Whenever Hindus were made aware
of bravery in them, anti-national forces
have been destroyed ! – Kum. Anita Rana

Kum. Anita Rana said, “Jihadi terrorism is not just violence but different types of jihad like land jihad, mini Pakistan jihad, love jihad are going on. Today, Hindus have to be reminded of their past bravery for protection of Dharma because whenever Hindus have been shown their valour exhibited earlier, anti-national forces have been destroyed.”

Shri. Digambar Raina of ‘Panun Kashmir’ spoke about atrocities against Hindus in Kashmir. Kum. Kruttika Khatri emphasized need for Hindus to learn self-defence.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat