Celebration of ideal ‘Navratri Festival’, a drive of HJS and Sanatan Sanstha !

Representation submitted at various places all over the
State regarding celebration of Navaratri festival in ideal manner

Many malpractices are observed in public celebration of Navratri festival these days. Playing ‘garba’ on the tunes of film songs; consuming liquor, extraction of money in the name of donations; undue expenditure on decorations; gambling in pandals etc are some of them which are destroying the sanctity of this festival. As a result, immoral activities also increase during the festival; increasing cases of abortions in large numbers. All such things should be stopped and Navratri festival should be celebrated in ideal manner is the purpose of undertaking the drive by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and Sanatan Sanstha. Their demands made through representations were submitted to police and local administration at various places all over the State.

It has been stated in the representation that ‘there is danger of terrorist activities and fanatics staging riots during Navratri festival. In crowded places, there is possibility of unknown persons or fanatics entering and creating tension. In this background, everyone has to be alert and arrangements should be made to allow entry only after checking identity cards at venues of celebrating this festival. On the occasion of Navratri festival, if police invite representatives of HJS for meetings held by them, they, along with members of Ranaragini Division will help in celebration of this festival in peaceful and religious atmosphere.


Attempts to be made for inviting HJS and Ranaragini
for presenting subject of Navratri festival ! – SP Pradip Deshpande

SP Pradip Deshpande being submitted representation by devout Hindus at Kolhapur

HJS promoted Ranaragini Division submitted a representation to SP Pradip Deshpande and Dy SP Bharatkumar Rane in connection with celebration of Navratri festival. SP Deshpande said that attempts would be made to invite volunteers of HJS and Ranaragini Division for their meetings. Shri. Raju Yadav, Karveer taluka Chief of Shiv Sena, Shri. Shivajirao Sase of ‘Hindu Ekata Andolan’, Shri. Ashok Ramchandani of VHP and volunteers of HJS were present on the occasion.



Rabodi police accepting representation

Representations were submitted at Rabodi, Thane, police stations at Ramnagar, Tilak Nagar and Vishnu Nagar in Dombivali.



HJS activities are ideal and full cooperation will be extended to HJS !
– Shri. Ramdas Khedkar, Resident Dy. District Collector, Nasik

Representation accepted by Dy. District Collector of Nasik

Dy. District Collector Ramdas Khedkar was submitted representation by devout Hindus and HJS. Shri. Khedkar said that activities undertaken by HJS are ideal and full cooperation would be extended to HJS. Devout Hindus Shri. Deepak Patil, Kum. Prerana Morade along with Sanatan seekers and volunteers of HJS were present on the occasion.



Representation accepted by Dy. District Collector of Nasik

A representative from District Collector’s office, (Acting) Tehsildar Dilip Rathod was submitted representation who said that necessary action would be taken on the same. On 24th September, demonstrations were staged under the aegis of ‘Rashtriya Hindu Andolan’ when signature drive was undertaken; therefore, that representation was also submitted on the occasion.



Representation was submitted on behalf of HJS by Shri. Santosh Desai and other activists, to Dy. Mayor Vijay Ghatge of Sangli, Miraj and Kupwad Municipal Corporation and to police officer, Shri. Gujar from city police station, Sangli.



District SP Rajendra Dahale of Nandurbar accepting the representation

A meeting of public festival committee (Mahamandal) promoted by HJS and ‘Navaratrotsav Mandals’ was held on 29th September at Shriram Mandir, near Mangal Bhavan, behind Jain Temple, Nandurbar to discuss ideal manner of celebrating Navratri festival and problems cropping up during such celebrations.

It was informed by ‘Mahamandal’ that all festival committees have come together through Shri Ganeshotsav Mahamandal promoted by HJS; therefore, Ganesh festival could be celebrated in ideal manner and in solving related problems. An appeal was made by ‘Mahamandal’ to all members and office bearers of Navratri festival committees for celebration of Navratri festival also in ideal manner.

Strict action to be taken during Navaratrotsav ! – Promise by SP

District SP Rajendra Dahale was given a representation on behalf of HJS on the subject. He discussed points mentioned in the representation while accepting the same and promised to follow strict policy during Navratri festival celebrations. The representation was submitted by HJS volunteers.



Representation submitted on different subjects at Wardha

Dy. Superintendent of Police Ravindra Killekar of Wardha accepting the representation

Wardha : Representation was submitted to Superintendent Pramod Kadam as representative of the District Collector for various demands, such as to stop persecution of Dr. Virendrasingh Tawade unnecessarily arrested in connection with murder case of Comrade Govind Pansare and to take legal action against unauthorized loudspeakers. Representation was submitted by Sanatan seekers and HJS volunteers to Dy. SP Ravindra Killekar for the demands of taking legal action against unauthorized loudspeakers and celebration of Navratri festival in ideal manner.

Various drives useful for society were
undertaken by ‘Dharmaseva Pratishthan’ Trust at Wardha !

Sou. Manikpure speaking on the subject

On 26th September, ‘Dharmaseva Pratishthan’ Trust organized a lecture on the topic of celebrating pollution-free Navratri festival. The lecture was held at Dnyaneshwar Mandir, Arvi Naka and given by Sou. Jayashree Manikpure of the Trust. Importance of distribution of clothes to the needy, donation of food, inculcating moral values, living tension-free life etc. was explained. Medical checkup was also arranged on the occasion and 27 women could take benefit of the same.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat