Many devotees immersed Shri Ganesh idols in flowing water according to religious scriptures !

Successful Campaign of Sanatan Sanstha at Pune

Lady volunteer of HJS conveying the importance of immersing Shriganesh idol to devotees
Lady volunteer conveying the importance of immersing Shri Ganesh idol to devotees

Pune – On the concluding day of Ganeshotsav, many devotees followed the tradition of immersing the idol of Shri Ganesh in river i.e. flowing water, thereby observing religious scriptures. On behalf of Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti public awakening campaign was undertaken on the ghats at Bhide bridge, S.M.Joshi bridge and Omkareshwar bridge, which received spontaneous response from the devotees, who immersed Shri Ganesh idols in the Mutha river where water was available.

Samiti’s volunteers holding boards in their hands
Samiti’s volunteers holding boards in their hands


1. Prof. Ravikiran Galange, Secretary, Maharashtra Rashtrabhasha Sabha, after watching Samiti’s boards, himself started appealing to people for immersing idols in flowing water.

pune_ganesh_visarjan1-12. After explaining the religious importance of immersing in flowing water to an individual at the ghat near S.M.Joshi bridge, he acted accordingly and while returning he distributed Prasad and bowed down before Samiti’s volunteers.

3. At Omkareshwar ghat a plank kept by Municipality for worship of Ganesh idol was in south-north direction. A devotee noticed it and quickly changed it to east-west direction.

pune_ganesh_visarjan2-14. On behalf of Spandan Sanstha, when a devotee was forced to immerse Ganesh idol in tank and garlands around the idol were being removed, he loudly challenged them to first check, how much microns their plastic hand gloves are and then touch the idol.

5. Planks were provided for collecting stale flowers (Nirmalya), but no sufficient number of planks for worshiping of Shri Ganesh was made.

Devotees’ Reactions

1. Purpose of installing the idol do not succeed if Shri Ganesh idol is not immersed in flowing water. As per religious scriptures immersion of Shri Ganesh idol in flowing water is proper. Those who ask for immersing in artificial tanks are misdirecting people. – Mr. Ravindra Adep, Tax Consultant

2. Whether there is Ammonium-bi-Carbonate in the tanks or not, we should safeguard our traditions. At least the idol flows away in the river in our presence, while we cannot imagine what happens to the idols in the artificial tanks..

KDMC compels devotees to
immerse Ganesh idols in artificial tanks, instead of well

Dombivali (Dist. Thane) : Every year individual Shri Ganesh idols are immersed in a well at Sangitawadi in Dombivali (East). This year, however, owing to the decision taken by Kalyan- Dombivali Municipal Corporation (KDMC), Ganesh-devotees had to immerse idols in artificial water tank against their wish. (Why didn’t Ganesh-devotees take KDMC to task for such decision, instead of immersing idols against their wish ? – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

1. Flex-boards were displayed informing citizens that provision for immersion of Ganesh idols was made in artificial tanks opposite Pragati College near Savarkar Garden since the water of well near the well at Sangitawadi was polluted.

2. A devotee, who had gone there for immersion of idol, informed that devotees were allowed to immerse idols on the second and fifth day of Ganeshotsav; but on 7th day, devotees were forced to immerse idols in artificial water tank in the name of pollution.

3. In the 3 flex-boards put by KDMC, the numbers were not given in serial order. (Carelessness of KMDC ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat