Kumbh Parva at four Kumbh places according to planetary calculations

The place where Kumbha Parva should be held and its timings have the foundation of planetary calculations. Since the moon, sun and Guru provided unique assistance in the battle between Gods and demons, the timeframe of the Kumbha Parva is decided at their specific alignment.


1. Haridwar Kumbha Parva

‘In Haridwar the sun enters the Mesha zodiac sign and Guru enters the Kumbha zodiac sign. In this alignment, the Tej waves emanating from the sun have the ability to purify the physical body of man, and the waves emanating
from Guru are favourable and nourishing for purification of the mind at this time only.

The energy created in the universe as a result of the combination of the two waves is attracted to the whirlpool of
Akarshan-shakti (Attraction energy) with the help of kriya-shakti (Energy of action) during this period at Haridwar and thus, the pilgrimage place gets created. It is precisely when the particular auspicious energy is consolidated to the optimum level at this place, Haridwar Kumbha Parva is held.


2. Prayag Kumbha Parva

When Guru is in the Vrushabha (Taurus) zodiac sign and the Moon and Sun are in Makar (Capricorn) zodiac sign, the waves emanating from the Moon are favourable for the development of the human mind and the waves emanating from the Sun are favourable for the development of the intellect. Since the waves emanating from Guru in Vrushabh zodiac sign contain Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) in the form of Apatattva (Absolute Water Principle), due to the energy generated by the combination of these three waves, Prayag gets charged with the Divine Principle. Akarshan-shakti is created in Prayag during this period to attract these waves. Since the Shakti (Divine Eergy) emitted by the respective planets is caught in a whirlpool of the Akarshan-shakti, precisely in this place and during this period the Kumbha Parva is held.


3. Ujjain Kumbha Parva

During the Ujjain Kumbha Parva, the sun is in Mesha zodiac sign and Guru in Simha zodiac sign. The sun in Mesha zodiac sign awakens the Tejtattva (Absolute Fire Principle) in the intellect, that is, it leads the intellect to awakening
of genius. Guru in Simha zodiac sign awakens the chit-shakti (Shakti which has Absolute Knowledge and Chaitanya), that is, it reduces the sanskars (Subconscious impressions) on the mind and sows Chaitanya there. The whirlpool of Akarshan-shakti in the form of Tej (Radiance) created during that period at Ujjain attracts the energy of Divine waves emanating from these two planets with the help of its awakened energy. Within a few hours, it holds them in its own atmosphere with the help of its awakened energy. Thus, Ujjain becomes an auspicious pilgrimage place. Precisely during this unique situation, Ujjain Kumbha Parva is held.


4. Tryambakeshwar-Nashik

During the Tryambakeshwar-Nashik Kumbha Parva, Guru and Sun both come in Simha zodiac sign. In this state, a swift fl ow of strong Tej waves emitted by the two planets runs towards the earth. During this period, the Shakti in the form of Tej is activated (with the help of radiant waves) in the form of waves in the womb of the earth at this pilgrimage place. This radiant energy in the form of waves attracts the Tej waves emitted by Guru and the sun, which are now in Simha zodiac sign, and assimilates them in its karya-shakti (Energy for performing task). Taking advantage of this arrangement, Kumbha Parva is held at this auspicious pilgrimage place.’

– A Scholar (H.H. [Mrs] Anjali Gadgil writes under this pseudonym, 31.10.2012, 10.22 a.m.)


5. Due to a specific planetary position, the region
of the Kumbha Parva where the water of the
River Ganga flows has developed healing powers

When specific tithis (Lunar days), planetary position and lunar asterisms come together at the time of the Kumbha Parva, at that time the effect of cosmic energy is felt on Prayag, Haridwar, Ujjain and Nashik region where the River Ganga that fl ows and all water bodies within the radius of 45 kilometres develop healing powers due to electromagnetic effect from the sky. It has also been accepted by the modern cosmologists and physicists that when this water is preserved in an insulating material (such as wood, plastic or glass), the healing powers of the
water are retained for a longer period.

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy text ‘Glory of the Kumbha Parva’

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