Seeker getting an assurance that ‘The Guru shoulders all the responsibilities of the seekers’

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Shri. Premprakash Singh

On 22.12.2019, I was travelling from Rourkela to Bhuvaneshwar by train in the state of Odisha. I had kept my bag under the seat. At night I went to the top berth that allotted to me for sleeping. After a while I heard somebody’s voice, “Does this bag belong to anyone sleeping here ? A thief had stolen it.” In the sleeping position itself I bent down thinking ‘whose bag could it be?’ Then I realized that it was my bag ! I got down and started enquiring about the incident with the ticket checker.

Later I learnt that a thief had stolen my bag and alighted from the bogie. Seeing his actions, the ticket checker got suspicious and he went up to the thief and started questioning him about the bag. The thief’s replies were not convincing. That is when the ticket checker caught the thief with the bag and got them to the compartment. He then started asking the passengers to know the owner of the bag. When I told him that the bag belonged to me, he handed over the bag to me and summoned the Railway Protection Force personnel to get the formalities related to the bag completed. He handed over the thief to CRPF and went his way.

With this incidence, the thought about, ‘How Gurudev takes care of each and every aspect of His disciple !’, brushed my mind and I offered gratitude multiple times unto the Holy feet of Gurudev. He shoulders all the responsibilities of His disciples. Even today when I recollect this incident, my mind gets overwhelmed with the sense of gratitude.

– Shri. Premprakash Singh, Odisha (22.12.2019)

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