A Guru takes care of his disciple in every possible way! – A spiritual experience of a seeker

Shri. Premprakash Singh

On 22.12.2019, I was travelling by train from Rourkela to Bhuvaneshwar in the state of Orissa. I had kept my travel bag underneath my seat. At night, I went to the upper berth for sleeping. After sometime, I heard someone calling, “Does this bag belong to anyone of you? This bag was taken away by a thief.” In sleepy state I looked down from the berth to check out whose bag it was. And to my surprise it was my bag. I climbed down and enquired more about the same with the ticket checker.

After which I came to know that the thief stole my bag and got down from the train bogie. The ticket checker became suspicious about that person. So, he went to that thief and enquired about the bag with him. The thief could not give any responsible answers to the same. Hence the ticket checker brought him back to our train bogie and started calling out to everyone and asking everyone, “whose bag is this?” I told him it was my bag. When I told him it was my bag, he handed it over to me and called the soldiers of Railway protection force to enquire more about the bag and to complete the formalities related to it. Then the ticket checker handed over the thief to the C.R.P.F (Central reserve police force) and went away.

I was again and again expressing gratitude unto the ‘Gurudev’ with the thought that how, ‘Gurudev takes care of each and every aspect of his disciple’. He takes care of the smallest of the things of his disciple. Even today when I remember this incidence, my heart is filled with complete surrender and gratitude unto the holy feet of Gurudev.

Mr. Omprakash Sinha, Orissa (22.12.2019)

(The spiritual experience published above is as per the saying, “Where there is spiritual emotion (bhav), there is God”. It the spiritual experience of an individual. It is not necessary that every one will get them. – Editor)
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