Welcoming new year on Gudipadwa by hoisting of Gudi, as per Indian tradition, in a sattvik environment is spiritually beneficial!

As per Indian tradition, Chaitra Shukla Pratipada (First day of the bright fortnight of the Hindu lunar month of Chaitra) i.e. Gudipadwa marks the beginning of a new year ! On this day,new year is welcomed by waking up early in the morning, taking a bath, that is an abhyangsnan and worshipping Gudi. However, since past few decades it has become customary to celebrate new year on the midnight of 31st December by partying, dancing, drinking alcohol etc. Effect of both ways of welcoming new year on celebrating individuals were studied by Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalaya using a modern equipment called ‘Universal Aura Scanner’ (U.A.S.) and subtle examination.


1. Experiment performed using ‘Universal Aura Scanner’

Mr. Ashish Sawant testing with the Universal Aura Scanner

The UAS is an instrument developed by Dr Mannam Murthy (a former nuclear scientist) and is used to measure the subtle-energy (positive and negative) and the aura around any object (living or non-living). UAS readings give data about the negative aura, positive aura and the total measured aura around the object being measured. The negative energy readings are of 2 types and are denoted by IR (infrared) and UV (ultraviolet).‘Infrared’ negative energy denotes the one surrounding the object, whereas ‘Ultraviolet’ negative energy indicates the negative frequencies within the object. Usually all individuals or objects may possess negative energy; however, it is not necessary that they possess positive energy. Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay has been carrying out extensive research using ‘U.A.S’ since past 5 years. From the year 2014 to 2019 experiments performed on more than 10000 living and non-living beings have been recorded.

Worshipping of Gudi by priests in Ramnathi ashram and accompanying seekers participating in the experiment
Seekers participating in the experiment by celebrating new year in western form

1 A. Experiment of the effect of western form of
celebrating new year on the midnight of 31st December

On the night of 31st December 2018, 12 seekers of Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay, residing in various countries, dressed themselves in western attire, makeup and hairstyle and participated in a new year party arranged in a well-known hotel in Goa. They were present in the party for 5 hours. U.A.S. readings of these seekers were recorded on 31st December 2018 prior to attending the party and in the early morning of 1st January 2019 after the seekers returned from the celebration.

1 B. Experiment on the effect of welcoming new year
on Gudipadwa by hoisting of Gudi, as per Indian tradition

On 6.4.2019, new year was welcomed by worshipping Gudi as per the scriptures in Ramnathi (Goa) ashram of Sanatan Sanstha. 10 out of 12 seekers from the above experiment were present during this worship. Remaining 2 seekers could not participate as they were in foreign countries. U.A.S. readings were taken before and after worshipping Gudi.

1 C. Comparison between Indian and western methods of celebrating new year

Following points were evident from the analysis of the readings captured during the two experiments.

1 C 1. Effect of celebrating new year in western way

Dr. (Mrs.) Nandini Samant

A. In comparison to the readings taken before the celebration, both IR and UV negative energies in the participating seekers increased more than three times post celebration.

B. Positivity in seekers, however, was eroded by more than half post celebration.

1 C 2. Effect of celebrating new year as per Indian culture

A. In comparison to the readings taken before the celebration,the levels of IR and UV negative energies in the participating seekers reduced to more than half post celebration.

B. The positivity in seekers on an average increased 1.5 times post celebration.


2. Difference in experiences of the seekers while participating
in new year celebration as per Indian culture and western culture

A. On the night of 30th December I was feeling very restless. The thoughts of the new year celebration party organized on the next day were constantly boggling my mind. I experienced a lot of distress on the subsequent day after attending the party on 31st December. I felt completely drained out and my mind was not getting engaged in any activity. In contrast to this, on the night before the eve of Gudipadwa my mind was joyous and peaceful. Also, on the following day of Gudipadwa, I was feeling quite refreshed and excited. I felt at peace and was stable. I was able to perform multiple services unto Absolute Truth with full excitement.

B. Although I was appearing to be enjoying the new year party superficially, appearance of subtle covering of distressing energies around me was quite visible. I felt as if the positive energy within was reducing. The ambiance at the party was highly conducive to increasing extrovert nature and ego. Sensual vibes were emanating from the attendees in the party in large proportion. In contrast to this, during Gudipadwa celebration I felt that the positivity in the atmosphere gradually went on increasing. My mind became introvert and it appeared as if spiritual healing was occurring on the attendees.

C. I feel that there can be no comparison between western and Indian form of new year celebration. Characteristic differences between these forms of celebration could be defined as Tama vs Sattva, noisy vs peaceful, illusionary vs real, short living vs long lasting and extrovert vs introvert. Mere thought of the party itself gives distress to our mind. On contrary, during worship of Gudi my thoughts had become pure, simple and positive.


3. Study carried out through the readings from subtle dimension

Although the modern equipment like ‘Universal Aura Scanner’ (U.A.S.) aids in spiritual research, real study of subtle vibrations is only possible through subtle examination. In this perspective, subtle examination of effects of western form of celebrating new year on 31st December was carried out by Mrs. Yoya Valle, seeker from ‘Spiritual Science Research Foundation’and that of Indian form of new year celebration done by worshipping the Gudi in the early morning of Gudipadwa was carried out by Miss. Priyanka Lotlikar of Maharshi AdhyatmaVishwavidyalay. The subtle pictures depicting the subtle effects are given below.

3 A. Subtle effect of western form of new year celebration

1. Ring of ego getting activated in the participants

2. Activated ring of illusory energy getting formed around the face of the participants and transmitted.

3. Distressing energy getting activated around the participants.

3 A. Distressing energy getting transmitted in the form of sparks.

4. Distressing energy (ghosts) arriving from hell region to the earth.

4 A. Negative energy from the atmosphere getting attracted.

Based on above subtle picture it is evident that many distressing vibrations are emitted from the western new year celebrations. That is why its covering gets created around the participants. Subtle negative energies are present in such events and they create negative effects on the participants and the ambiance in a large way. This makes it clear how harmful it is to celebrate new year in western form.

3 B. Subtle effect of worship of Gudi, Indian way of celebrating new year

1. Ring of spiritual emotion gets formed within the worshipper

2. Ring of activated Deity Principle gets formed.

3. Divine consciousness gets attracted.

3 A. Active ring of Divine consciousness gets formed and rings get emitted from it.

3 B. From the rings of Divine consciousness, waves get transmitted in the atmosphere.

3 C. Ring of Divine consciousness gets formed

4. Active ring of Divine Energy gets created

4 A. Divine Energy flows from vessel into the rod of Gudi

4 B. Ring of Divine Energy gets created

4 C. Emission of active rings of Divine Energy on the earth’s surface.

It is evident from the above picture that after worshipping the Gudi, Divine Energy, Divine consciousness and bliss gets emitted from the Gudi and subtle distressing energies are warded off.

In short, based on the analysis of the readings obtained from ‘Universal Aura Scanner’ and that of the subtle pictures, and individual experiences of the participating seekers, it is clear that it is spiritually beneficial to celebrate new year in Indian way by worshipping Gudi and it is harmful to celebrate new year in the western form.

– Dr. (Mrs.) Nandini Samant, Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay, Goa (19.3.2020)
Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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