The work being done by Sanatan Sanstha is extremely good ! – Swami Ramrasik Das ji Maharaj

From left to right H.H Nilesh Singbal and Sadguru Dr. Charudatta Pingle talking with Swami Ramrasik Das ji Maharaj at the Sanatan Sanstha stall at Kumbh Mela.


1. The work being done by Sanatan Sanstha is extremely good !

This year Swami Ramrasik Dasji Maharaj from Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh had come to the Kumbh Mela at Prayag. During this time he came in contact with the seekers of Sanatan Sanstha. He spoke honourably about Sanatan Sanstha. He said, “If a competition would have been held in the entire Kumbh Mela, then the first prize would have to be given to Sanatan sanstha because your exhibition and management is excellent. Also, the work you are doing is extremely great”.


2. The glorious words said about
Paratpar Guru Dr. Athavale and the Holy texts written by him!

2 A. Your Gurudev is really very great.

2 B. Your Gurudev has written books on all subjects.
Your holy texts are invaluable and there is not a single
subject which is left uncovered in the texts written by your Gurudev !

2 C. ‘Your holy texts are absolutely very invaluable’

The knowledge in your holy texts is so invaluable that the price of rupees 100 to 200 is negligible. Now-a-days people will spend thousands of rupees to buy smart phones but they are unwilling to spend money to buy these holy texts.


3. ‘Like others you do not only talk but you actually act ‘ !

Other sects, Akhada’s and Maharaj only talk. But you actually act as you speak. As written in Ram Charit Manas, ‘संघे शक्ति कलौ युगे’ (unity is strength in kaliyug), you are actually uniting everyone with love and proving it right.


4. Seeing your excellent management,
it gives an insight into the prowess of your Gurudev !

Your management is excellent. At other stalls, even though the main Maharaj are actually present, but still they are not able to keep a check on all the activities. Looking at your management, I feel that your Gurudev keeps a watch and control over all the activities and handles all the matters while actually physically being in Goa. This gives an insight into the greatness of your Gurudev. And hence, ‘I am definitely going to come to your Ashram’.


5. He said appreciatively, ‘ Even though your number of persons is
less, but, as all of you are seekers, you are able to do so many things’ !

He had come on the last day when everything was being packed off. Seeing this he asked, ‘How many seekers were there here ?.’ We replied, ‘we were around 100 seekers here’. On this he said, ‘at other places to handle similar kind of management, there are minimum 300 – 400 people. But because you all are seekers; you are able to manage it in such a small number of people. ‘


6. Appreciating the teachings of Gurudev after noticing that
seekers were praying chanting out aloud after every fifteen minutes !

He was sitting in the Sanatan Sanstha pandal. After every fifteen minutes seekers were praying and chanting aloud. He heard this and said, “Has your Gurudev taught this too to you?” when we said yes to him, he said, “very nice”. There is a mention in Ram charit manas that, while doing any act together with unity if such chants are done aloud it helps to develop heroism and enthusiasm in us. ‘You all are actually practicing what is mentioned in Ram Charit Manas. Very nice. I am happy to hear this.’


7. The belief in the holy texts of Sanatan Sanstha !

He was coming for consecutive three days to our pandal while we were all packing all things. We realised that he was receiving lots of bliss by meeting all the seekers. We he came to the pandal he used to say, “I had come visiting this side, so thought of checking out what you all are doing; so, I came here”. And then he used to buy holy texts. He brought many holy texts. He used to say, “ I should not miss out on reading any granth”. If any book was extra, he said, “this can be given to someone”. While buying Holy texts on different subjects he said that different types of people come to me. I will give these holy texts to them. Also, I will read them and include these topics in my stories.

Mr. Shambhu Gaware, Prayag Kumbh Mela
Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat