Social Media Conclave organized under the aegis of 8th All India Hindu Convention for Hindu Nation

Let’s make Intellectual warriors for Hindu Rashtra
through Social Media ! – Smt. Ritu Rathaur

Ramnathi (Goa) : It’s the duty of each one of us to raise our voice against the atrocities on Hindus. We need to spread the message and theory of Hindu Nation using latest media available. In present times, the heads of all important systems like judiciary, education etc. are leftists. Rebuttal of that ideology and spreading the ideology of Hindu Rashtra should be done using Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp. Through social media, Hindus should form Intellectual warriors who fight for Dharma, said Smt. Ritu Rathaur, from Dehali who is active in Social media. She was speaking during the inauguration of ‘1-day Social media conclave’ held on the 5th day of ‘8th All India Hindu Convention for Hindu Nation’ on 2nd of June at Vidyadhiraj Hall of Shri Ramnath Devasthan. Shri. Vishwanath Kulkarni, social media coordinator of Hindu Janajagruti Samithi, gave the welcome speech of this session. More than 250 pro-Hindu activists from India and Bangladesh are taking part in this conclave.


Ensure the credibility of the information disseminated
on social media before propagating it !
– Smt. Rati Hegde, Joint Editor, ‘’ Website, Mumbai

Smt. Rati Hegde, Joint Editor, ‘’ Website, Mumbai

‘After the British entered India, only Christian symbols such as ‘Santa Claus’, ‘X-mas tree’ were displayed before Hindus. As a result, the ideals and symbols of Hindus which were existing before 3 generations vanished. Therefore, narrate the aspects such as Hindu culture, Panchatantra in reference to Dharma, Mahabharat to the children right from childhood. Many false news are disseminated in the social media. If we propagate them as they are, we may lose our credibility. Therefore, ensure the credibility of the information disseminated on social media before propagating it’, appealed Smt. Rati Hegde, Joint Editor, ‘’ Website in Mumbai. On this occasion, Smt. Minakshi Sharan said, “Christians and Muslims attacked Hindu culture; as a result, the true history vanished. To counter it, Hindus should bring true and historical information about Indian culture before the people through social media”.


Shri. Rohit Kacharu of “Global Kashmiri Pandit Diaspora’ from Pune expressed his thoughts on ‘Efforts made at world level to present problems of Kashmiri Hindus and success achieved’; whereas, Shri. TN Murari, State President of Shiv Sena in Telangana spoke on ‘Agitation launched against the conspiracy to trample religious traditions of Sabarimala Temple’. Shri. Pradip Wadkar, Coordinator of social media cell of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti spoke on ‘The campaign being implemented by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti on social media and success achieved’. The National Spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti Shri. Ramesh Shinde guided on ‘Original concept of establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’. On the occasion of the Convention, the twitter trend #WeSupportPunalekar was at the fourth place in the country; whereas the twitter trend #SocialMediaForHinduRashtra was run during the Convention.


People with demoniacal tendencies
turned sacred Sabarimala into a war zone : T N Murari

People with demoniacal tendencies and not women petitioned to be allowed into the Ayyappa swami Temple in Sabarimala. Communist women tried to enter the temple as a stunt. It is due to them that the spiritual land turned into a war zone.

Even though the court may have said that ‘women of all ages will be able to enter the Ayyappa Swami temple’, we should remember that Dharmashastra is above the court. A person may have immeasurable wealth and power, he still has to bow before God. God is the greatest.

Thousand of Hindus got on the streets after the court’s orders. This was a reason for Hindus to unite. We have taken a vow to protect Dharma and we work accordingly. The government passed an ordinance when it came to the triple talaq issue, but did not do so when it came to protecting the religious and spiritual interests of crores of Hindus about Sabarimala.

Guruji (Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale) is the guiding light for those who do Dharmakarya !

Scores of youth armed with a passion for dharmakarya have chosen the path, but they are directionless. Guruji (Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale) is their guiding light for these youth.


Become advocates for Hindu Rashtra on social media ! – Sadguru (Dr.) Charudatt Pingale, National Guide, HJS

Hindu Dharma is surrounded by problems. Instead of addressing each problem individually it is imperative that a Dharma based Hindu Rashtra is established. The social media activists should remember that we have to use social media to establish the Hindu Rashtra. So instead of limiting oneself to the casual use of social media, study the concept of Hindu Rashtra and become effective advocates for the Hindu Rashtra on social media. This will help make the task of establishing the Hindu Rashtra effective. Sadguru Dr Charudatt Pingale the National Guide of HJS said this while speaking in the concluding session of the 1 day Social Media Conclave held under the aegis of the 8th All India Convention for the Hindu Rashtra on 2nd June 2019. Shri. Ajay Sharma (Co-founder, Upword), Shri. Nandan Mishra (Partner, Hi-tech Construction, Prayagraj UP), Shri. Ranjit Vadiyala (Shivashakti, Andhra Pradesh) and Shri. Manav Buddhadev (follower, Asaramji Bapu, Amaravati) were present.

Sadguru Dr Charudatt Pingale further said,

1. Currently the communists and communist controlled media are forcing their thoughts down the throats of the Hindus. These views can be countered strongly using teachings of Sanatan Dharma. It is more productive to use social media to do this.

2. Coming together for this conclave has increased brotherhood and solidarity. Include those who are working for the cause of Hindutva in your area in this task. Also involve those who can systematically condemn the anti Dharmik ideologies on social media, as well as local lawyers who can provide guidance on legal matters. If the goal of establishing the Hindu Rashtra drives you while doing this task, success can be achieved quickly and less effort. This unity will work on the level of Jnanshakti (power of knowledge).

3. We need to prepare a new generation of skilled inspired youth who will work for the cause of Hindutva after being made aware of the atrocities being committed against Hindus.


Social Media successful in exposing the communists ! – Ranjit Vadiyala, Shivashakti, Andhra Pradesh

Today social media has dislodged books, newspapers, TV as the preferred medium for consumption of news. Social media is immensely powerful when it comes to news dispersal and harvesting the power of the community. The communists realised the power that the social media holds and promptly gained a stranglehold on it. Social media is under the control of 4-5 organizations and they shape the thoughts and opinions of the crores of people here. Social media is an intellectual weapon which has been quite successful in exposing the communists.

Before posting anything on social media study the issue thoroughly and only then share your opinion on it. This earns the trust of the people. It is essential to build a positive image on social image. Instead of trying to change / reform someone, our aim should be to share the truth/facts. This will make the people naturally gravitate towards us.


Need to provide contemporary and world class material on social media ! – Ajay Sharma, Co-founder Upword

India media is the stronghold of the leftwing ideology. So Hindu Dharma suffers from not having competent representation and as a result Hindu organizations are alienated from the mainstream media. So the Hindus fall short in intellectually combating the idealogical attacks against Hindu Dharma. The proHindu organizations must not rely on traditional media and should utilise the social media to address the world. It is necessary to provide contemporary and world class material on social media for it to become widely accepted. Along with this we also have to invest in this area.


We have to stand firmly by the devout Hindus who refute disinformation ! – Nandan Mishra, Hi Tech Constructions

The leftists target those who speak out on behalf of Hindus or intellectually counter the attacks on Hindu Dharma on social media. Some dharmapremis also present historical proofs to counter disinformation. But their social media accounts are suspended. Nandan Mishra of Hi Tech Constructions said that all of us have to stand firmly by the devout Hindus and oppose this.

He said that the media is being used to attack Hindu Dharma. When some dharmapremi counters these attacks on the ideological level and are targeted by the liberals or the leftists, Hindus who are active on social media do not rush to defend them. On the flip side the leftists always display unity. Choose your words carefully while sharing any thought on social media. Be emphatic and fearless wherever necessary.


Experiences of Manav Buddhadev (Santashri Asaramji Bapu follower, Amravati) on effectively using social media !

1. A newspaper had published a fake news that Swami Govinddevgiri Maharaj had referred to Asaramji Bapu as ‘Ravan’. The contact number of this newspaper which defamed Saints was circulated over WhatsApp among the Asaramji Bapu devotees. The editor received many calls to this effect. Another newspaper had published a similar news, and even their phone number was circulated among the devotees. As a result the newspaper published an apology on the first page.

2. Once a leader of the backward classes told a meeting to throw the Bhagavadgita into the trash bin. To counter this a poem was composed to convey the idea that ‘if you want to throw it, then throw into your trash bin (your brain)’ and posted on Youtube. It received praise from various quarters.

3. While registering your protesting do so calmly. Record the calls as proof. Take screenshots on your phone. Many Hindus don’t reflect on WhatsApp forwards before sharing them will their contacts.

Shri. Manav Buddhadev expressed the opinion that other newspapers publish fake news. He said ‘I don’t read any newspaper other than Sanatan Prabhat’.