Feedback by eminent advocates from Bengaluru Karnataka visiting Sanatan’s Ramnathi ashram for an Advocates Convention!

1. The ashram has positive energy, I wish to
reside here and render seva – Advocate Vijayshekhar

‘In comparison with other places the environment in the ashram is extremely different, there is positive energy in greater proportion here which anyone can experience. I have visited the ashram twice earlier. This time I have observed that the number of fulltime seekers has increased. This is because the environment here is so good that no one feels like returning back home from here. From the viewpoint of increasing our spiritual practice, different things such as cleanliness, tidiness etc are worthy of learning. After visiting the ashram your fatigue disappears and you feel invigorated. Perceiving the vibrations of the grace and blessings of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale here, I felt like I have to come here to perform spiritual practice and to render seva.’
– Advocate Vijayshekhar, Yalhanka, Bengaluru, Karnataka (26.5.2019)

2. The cleanliness, discipline and functioning
in the ashram is so excellent that one perceives
positive vibrations here ! – Advocate Dattatreya Deshpande

‘The environment in the ashram being peaceful there are positive vibrations here and this is a unique spiritual experience. Though I am visiting the ashram for the first time this experience is exquisite. The cleanliness, discipline and functioning here is excellent. The administration and functioning of the ashram are worthy of being emulated. In the context of the ashram, every minor detail and the important points are explained to a seeker along with its background knowledge, in an excellent manner.’
– Advocate Dattatreya Deshpande, Bengaluru, Karnataka (26.5.2019)

The spiritual experiences given here are individual, experienced based on the precept ‘ ‘wherever there is spiritual emotion there is God’. So, all should not expect to experience them. – Editor