Advocate (Mrs.) Aparna Ramtirthkar fom Solapur pays a goodwill visit to the Sanatan ashram in Ramnathi, Goa

From left to right – Mr. Prasad Dev giving information on
Sanatan Prabhat periodicals, Advocate (Mrs.) Aparna Ramtirthkar and Mrs. Shubhangi Buva

Ramnathi (Goa) – Advocate (Mrs.) Aparna Ramtirthkar from Solapur paid a goodwill visit to the Sanatan ashram here on May 17, 2019. Mrs. Shubhangi Buva descendant of Shubharai Maharaj was accompanying her. Mr. Prasad Dev explained the mission of the nation and Dharma and spiritual research being carried out here. Advocate (Mrs.) Aparna Rmatirhakar is the wife of journalist late Arun Ramtirthkar, columnist and a scholar on international topics.

Touring the ashram gave me a unique spiritual experience
– Mrs. Aparna Ramtirthkar, Omkar Society, Gajrewadi Solapur

I had visited the ashram once four years ago. When coming here this time my feelings were different. I had certain doubts which had to be cleared but a tour of the ashram gave me a unique spiritual experience. I could perceive Divine Consciousness in everything in this area. I felt as if positive energy was creating an aura about me.

About the subtle world Mrs. Ramtirthkar said, “I was not aware of such minor details. After seeing the exhibition I wondered why I could not understand several events occurring in this subtle world earlier. This exhibition made me aware of internal and positive thoughts and the importance of chanting.”

An ashram assuring that one can attain Final Liberation
(Moksha) and getting spiritual practice done for that
– Mrs. Shubhangi Jaikrishna Buva, South Kasba, Shri Shubharay Maharaj Math, Solapur

The ashram building is beautiful. Despite renovation going on there it is not posing an obstacle in any activity. The ashram is calm and pure. We can attain Final Liberation by blending devotion unto God and devotion unto actions performed. This is an ashram assuring this and getting spiritual practice to attain that done from seekers. In future the glory of this ashram will spread far and wide and to understand his duties and living, man will have to stop here and offer obeisance. So great is the mission for welfare of mankind being carried out here.
About the subtle world Mrs. Buva said, “Though I was aware about the subtle-world I had never experienced it. My inner spiritual emotion and dedication has become stronger. I offer obeisance to everyone here !”