A detached karmayogi from Belgavi H.H. (Dr.) Nilkanth Amrut Dikshit (90 years) with simple lifestyle and high thinking, attains a spiritual level of 71%

H.H. (Dr.) Nilkanth Dikshit and Mrs. Vijaya Dikshit

Virtues of H.H. (Dr.) Nilkanth Amrut Dikshit observed by His wife Mrs. Vijaya Dikshit


1. neatness

‘My husband always says that you should be able to find an object easily, even with eyes closed or in the dark. He merely does not say this but actually practices it, that is keeps every object back in place, quite easily. His self-discipline includes cleanliness, neatness and meticulousness. But he ensures that others are not distressed by it. Simple living and high thinking runs in his veins.


2. Performing every activity perfectly and in the appropriate time

We are blessed with three children, a daughter followed by two sons. We had to take education loans for all three children. My husband would ensure that he repaid the loan installment on the first of every month. The bank officials would praise him saying that if other borrowers too were to repay a loan like him then the bank would never go into a loss. His basic nature was to perform every activity in life perfectly and at the appropriate time.


3. An idealistic physician who
dedicated his entire life to the service of patients

3A. As he was always content he never misused his rights

After our marriage my husband served as ‘Health officer’ in different places in the state of Karnataka but never misused his powers. He would remain content with whatever God gave and would serve patients.

3B. Going walking at the risk of his life to
examine patients at any time of the day or night

Several times he would have to go walking to different places at any time of the day or night to examine patients. Without complaining he would walk even through stubble and thorns, with a lantern in the hand, along with his helper. Once when going at night to examine a patient he saw a cobra in front of him. Unable to comprehend what to do he put his foot forward after which the cobra bit his foot but as he was wearing shoes he was not injured. The cobra then slithered away and my husband returned home only after examining the patient. Due to these excellent virtues wherever we moved he would receive tremendous respect, so much that when we left a village the villagers would bid us a teary farewell.

3C. Despite a financial crunch he never overcharged patients

My husband took voluntary retirement from his Government job with 10 years of service still left due to family problems and started his private practice in Belgavi. The children were young and the practice too was new. We had a financial crunch. Despite that he never begged before anyone for money or overcharged patients. In fact he treated poor patients without charging a fee. After they recovered such patients would bring produce from their fields such as groundnuts and vegetables, jaggery etc. with which he was content.

3D. Taking great care of patients by speaking to them lovingly

When examining a patient he would inquire about his family and speak to him lovingly. Hence many patients would openly tell him their woes and follow his advice. It is because of this virtue that villagers look up to him as a divine soul. If necessary he would refer the patient to another physician and follow up with the case till complete cure. This love was irrespective of the religion or caste of a patient.

3E. Not shirking duty when serving patients

His life is like that of a detached karmayogi. It was spent in serving his patients and their families. No matter how late he left the clinic at night the next morning he would be there on time. I cannot remember him taking any holidays. Till the age of 80 years he did not keep the clinic closed on a single day. Though he did shut it down thereafter his regular patients continue to consult him at home. These patients say that though they are being treated by other allopathic physicians they do not really recover till they meet him.


4. Spiritual practice and seva of Saints performed by my husband

4A. Studying Holy texts in the clinic in the absence of patients

Another of his virtues is utilizing time appropriately. When there were no patients in the clinic he would study a Holy text and then write down what he had comprehended. Later he would discuss this with like-minded people. He would tell these points to patients who either had an inclination for Spirituality and spiritual practice, or to those who needed it.

4B. Performing chanting since the age of 12, reading chapters from
the Gurucharitra and performing ritualistic worship (puja) for several years

My father-in-law asked my husband to perform chanting at the age of 12. That is continuing till today. He never took a break in performing puja or sandhya. Even when doing a job or private practice he has read the Gurucharitra on several occasions, once 7 parayans at a stretch.

4C. Remaining in the company of several Saints
due to Their visits to his home and his serving them wholeheartedly

My father-in-law was spiritually inclined. H.H. Sadanand Maharaj whose mausoleum exists in Belgavi, was His Guru. So his gurubrethren visited us frequently. Literally everyday there were spiritual discussions, visits by Saints etc. at home. Thus we remained in the Holy company of Saints and were also able to serve Them. My husband would serve them wholeheartedly Of the Saints we met the prominent ones were H.H. Gulavni Maharaj, H.H. Harikaka Gosavi, H.H. Swami Bhaskaranand, H.H. Kalawati Ai, H.H. Kane Maharaj of Belgavi etc. He lived with H.H. Bhaskaranand Swami for 8 days. Whenever swamiji visited His devotees in Belgavi He would immediately send for him. H.H. Kane Maharaj of Belgavi was a frequent visitor to our home. As my husband was the family physician of the family of H.H. Kalawati Aai he was fortunate to be able to serve Her as well.


5. Different religious sevas performed by my husband

5A. Compiling and publishing the biography of H.H. Sadanand Maharaj

At the request of the devotees of H.H Sadanand Maharaj he took great pains in writing a concise biography of the Saint. For that he had to collect information on him from different places, then compile and publish it.

5B. Served as a trustee

Served as a trustee to some temples in the village.


6. At first my husband’s being against
my daughter and her entire family doing full
time spiritual practice instead of practicing Spirituality
when performing worldly duties, changing with passage of
time after reading Dainik Sanatan Prabhat studiously every day

My husband had his own concepts on Spirituality and spiritual practice. He felt that spiritual practice should be performed along with worldly duties. He would support those who progressed when performing worldly activities. When My daughter (Mrs. Anjali Kangalekar), her husband (Yeshwant) and her children (older son Dr. Anjesh and the younger one Satyakam) came in contact with Sanatan Sanstha they all participated in rendering seva there. My husband felt this was inappropriate. As his basic personality has the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak ideology he was not against rendering Dharmaseva but did not agree with giving up education, job etc to do it He was unhappy about her living in the ashram but after reading the first Saptahik Sanatan Prabha and then the Dainik Sanatan Prabhat from the very first issue, studiously, gradually his opposition started decreasing after which we visited the Shuksagar ashram in Ponda along with the rest of the family.


7. Gratitude unto Saints and Parartpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale

7A. His gratitude increasing after speaking to a Saint during his illness

For Approximately 8 to 10 years due to pain in knee joints my husband has been confined to the the home. He is bedridden for the past three years. He has no strength even to turn on his side. In the intervening period he was seriously ill after which he conversed with a Saint for which he felt extremely grateful.

7B. Was able to bring my husband to the Ramanthi
ashram safely due to the grace of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale

At the age of 90 years my husband agreed to visit the Ramnathi ashram in Goa at the request of our daughter and grandsons. It is only due the grace of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale that we were able to take him there safely. For me this is the greatest spiritual experience.’

‘May grace of Paratpar Guru be showered on all is my prayer filled with gratitude at His Holy feet.’

Mrs. Vijaya Nilkanth Dikshit, Belgavi, Karnataka (4.4.2019)
Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat