Possessing unconditional spiritual love and exceptional spiritual emotion H.H.(Mrs.) Shalini Mainkar aji becomes Sanatan’s 86th Saint

Due to the virtue of possessing unconditional spiritual love towards everyone and exceptional spiritual emotion towards Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale, 92-year-old H.H. (Mrs.) Shalini Mainkar aji becomes Sanatan’s 86th Saint performing individual spiritual practice.

Mrs. Shalini Mainkaraji (aged 92 years) has been performing spiritual practice under the guidance of Sanatan Sanstha for the past 27 years. Presently She is residing with Her daughter Mrs. Medha Vilas Joshi at Nandangadda, Karwar, in Karnataka. Her spiritual practice includes recitation of the Gurucharitra, Dattamala mantra, prayers and chanting for samashti (Society) all day. Given further are experiences narrated by seekers and Her family members about Her state of bliss and changes noticed at Her residence.


1.  Her virtues

1A. Always in a state of Bliss

‘Aji is calm and happy all the time despite her illnesses of piles and arthritis in knee joints.

1B. Her eyesight is excellent even at the age of 92

Though Aji is supposed to use spectacles at the age of 92, when reciting the Gurucharitra or performing other activities She does not use spectacles.’ – Mr. Nagaram Chaudhary (seeker), Karwar, Karnataka

1C. Unconditional spiritual love for others

1. ‘Aji is full of spiritual love for others. She gives me things to eat and speaks to me with love.’ – Miss Ananya Radhesh Joshi (Aji’s great granddaughter) aged 14, Karwar, Karnataka

2.’This time when I visited Aji I felt that I should keep talking to Her. Whenever She speaks, She showers a lot of love. I do not recognize how time flies when I am at Her place. I felt that I should always remain in Her Holy company.’ – Mr. Kashinath Prabhu, Karnataka

3. ‘I went to see Aji after a span of 3 years. Yet She remembered my name at once. When She saw me, She said, “Our Rama has come.” Whenever I go to see Her, She always inquiries about other seekers by taking their names, out of love and concern.

1D. Detached nature

Aji has very little attachment. She never feels like buying something for Herself.

1E. Spiritual emotion for Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale

1. ’Whenever I go to see Aji, She inquires about H.H. Gurudev and His health and tells me that whenever I visit Ramnathi ashram I should tell Him that She has now become old.’ She remembers Gurudev all the time.

2. Aji feels that Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale is both Her mother and father. She says, ‘He is everything for me, He is God.’

3. I told Aji to change Her sari as I had to click Her photograph. She replied, “Let me be as I am, H.H. Gurudev knows everything.”

– Mr. Nagaram Chaudhary (seeker), Karwar, Karnataka


2. Changes that have occurred at the residence of Aji

2A. Despite terrible heat outside, one feels pleasantly
cool, and everyone perceives Bliss and peace in the residence

Karwar is extremely hot, yet we feel pleasantly cool in our residence. Besides this, we experience Bliss and peace here. My daughter-in-law Mrs. Divya Radhesh Joshi and granddaughter Miss Ananya Radhesh Joshi experience the same. Relatives visiting us also say that they feel calm and cool at our place. Once a businessman visiting us inquired whether we had made any changes in the house as he was feeling calmer and cooler than before.

–  Mrs. Medha Vilas Joshi (Aji’s daughter), Karwar, Karnataka

2B. Spiritual healing occurring in the company of Aji

‘I happened to visit Aji at her residence twice during this month. At that time, I felt that the ambiance of the residence is calm, cool and Blissful. Aji was serene and blissful. When I was seated in the living room, I realized that spiritual healing was occurring on me. Even after I returned home, the spiritual emotion kept arousing within me and I was being healed spiritually.’ – Mr. Nagaram Chaudhary

2C. Positive changes observed in the home and
family of Aji, experiencing meditative state when waiting for
Aji and experiencing a fragrance when She came outside to meet me

‘I had visited Aji’s home for the first time approximately one year back. I experienced several changes in Her home when I visited again this year. The environment in Her home had become positive and there were positive changes in Her family members too. While waiting for Aji to come into the living room, I slipped into meditative state and when She came out I experienced a fragrance.’

–  Mr. Kashinath Prabhu, Prasarsevak

2D. ‘I could experience tremendous amount of
Chaitanya in Aji’s home and She was in perpetual bliss.’

– Mr. Somesh Gurav and Mr. Sagar Kurdekar (seeker), Karwar, North Kanara, Karnataka

2E. remembrance of  H.H. Gurudev

‘When I saw Aji, I intensely remembered H.H. Gurudev. I felt very peaceful at Her place.’ – Mrs. Usha Shashidhar, North Kanara District sevak

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat