Spiritual  guidance to businessmen on importance of ‘sadhana’ by Sanatan Sanstha in Kataras (Jharkhand)

from left – H.H. Pradip Khemka and Shri. Shambhu Gaware guidng businessmen

Kataras (Jharkhand) : If spiritual practice is undertaken while carrying on business along with ‘Dharmacharan’, it will be like practising spirituality. ‘Sadhana’ helps in bringing radical changes in life, stated Shri. Shambhu Gaware, during a meeting held here with local businessmen. Shri. Gaware also explained the concept of ‘Maharshi Adhyatma  Vishwavidyalaya’ through which the world would learn about 14 ‘Vidya’ and 64 ‘Kala’ under our great Indian culture. Sanatan Sanstha’s Saint H.H. Pradip Khemka graced the occasion with his auspicious presence. He gave guidance to businessmen on importance of ‘sadhana’ in life, which Deity’s name to chant etc. He said ‘sadhana’ also helps in removing obstacles in business; besides attaining spiritual progress.

Participating businessmen gave feedback that they would undertake spiritual practice; but they should get such guidance and satsang regularly. After the meeting, it was decided to conduct ‘Dharmashikshan’ classes on two Thursdays in a month. The participants said that they would tell their colleagues about ‘sadhana’.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat