Requirement of laptops and laptop bags at Sanatan’s ashram !

Laptops are used for various computer services and during programs of ‘Dharmaprasar’ at Sanatan’s ashrams. The existing computers are not adequate and computers and laptops with following specifications are required.

Specification Apprx Cost (Rs.)   No.   Total Cost (Rs.)  
1. Laptop Config – core i3 7thor 8th gen, 4 GB RAM , 500 GB/1 TB Hard drive, Win 10, 14 or 15 inches screen 32,000=00 4 1, 28,000=00
2. Laptop bag (bag pack) of any make, with cushion on all sides 600=00 10 6,000=00
Total   1, 34,000=00

Readers, well wishers and devout Hindus, who want to donate new or old laptops in good condition; so also bags or donate money for their purchase, may contact the following no.

Name and contact No.

Sou. Bhagyashree Sawant – 7058885610

Email id : [email protected]

Postal address : Sou. Bhagyashree Sawant, c/o Sanatan Ashram, 24/B, Ramnathi, Bandiwade, Ponda, Goa – 403401