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Gurupournima message - 2014 Gurupournima message - 2014
The Guru Principle functions through the medium of Saints and spiritually evolved individuals. The real mission of the Guru Principle is to bring about the supreme welfare of the disciple and welfare of the universe.

Gurupoornima Message - 2013 Gurupoornima Message - 2013
Gurupoornima is the day to express gratitude unto the Guru. Instead of expressing gratitude for just a day, participating in the mission as expected by the Guru consistently the entire year would be real gratitude.

Gurupoornima (Vyas Puja) Gurupoornima (Vyas Puja)
Gurupoornima is a unique opportunity for acquiring God’s grace. Gurupoornima is a golden opportunity to preserve the Guru-disciple tradition.

Be Integral, radiant part of<br />establishing the 'Hindu Nation' and<br />preserve the Guru-disciple tradition ! Be Integral, radiant part of
establishing the 'Hindu Nation' and
preserve the Guru-disciple tradition !

Gurupournima is the day to express gratitude unto the Guru. The real mission of the Guru is to turn the materialistic society towards sadhana (Spiritual practice) and help a true disciple attain Moksha (Final Liberation).

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