A batch of ‘Dharmaprasarak’ is created due to Sanatan ! – Adv. Devdas Shinde

‘Jana-sanvaad Sabha’ held at Pimpri (Pune) !

We are responsible for the present pathetic condition of Hindu Dharma. Media started trial by accusing Sanatan so as to stop its Dharmaprasar activities. There can be an international conspiracy behind all this. Sanatan Sanstha has been imparting ‘Dharmashikshan’ to people and as a result, batch of ‘Dharmaprasarak’ is being created. We will be committed to spread importance of Hindu Dharma all over the world; disregarding pressure exerted by progressive factions.

Victory of Hindus is certain due to blessings of Shrikrushna and Saints ! – Abhijit Deshmukh, HJS

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had to fight against 5 kingdoms for establishment of ‘Hindvi Swaraj’ for Hindus. Even now, the fight is against 5 factions, the secular progressive as descendants of Macaulay; Christians, media, Muslims and vote-hungry political parties. We however, need not worry even though we are small compared to them because Pandavas were less in number compared to Kauravas; still they were victorious as Shrikrushna was with them. Similarly, we too have blessings of Shrikrushna and Saints; therefore, our victory and establishment of Hindu Rashtra is certain.

Dignitaries attending the ‘sabha’

Swatantryaveer Savarkar Smruti Pratishthan’s Mahamantri Vidyadhar Nargolkar, MNS municipal councilor Anant Korhale and Sou. Sulabhatai Ubale of Pimri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, Shri. Vijay Pore, of ‘Hindubodha’ periodical and VHP’s executive committee member for Maharashtra region, Shiv Sena’s Vishwanath Temgire, Shiva-Pratishthan’s Dattabhau Gavhane, Sandip Gavhane, businessman Dattabhau Gawade, Adinath Nagar of Sree Sampradaya, Hanumant Mohite, President of ‘Rashtra Sena’, BJP’s former municipal councilor Jagadish Shetty. Shri. Prashant Pophale of Sant-Shri. Asarambapu Sampradaya, Shri. Sudhir Pophale, President Matanga community from Saint Tukaramnagar, social worker and businessman Shri. Yogeshbhau Londhe from Bhosari, Shri. Yashawant Kardile of ‘Kendrai Gou-shala’, Shri. Brahmanand Korpe, President, Suvarnayuga Mitra Mandal, Indrayaninagar

VCD on Sanatan Sanstha’s activities was shown on the occasion. Later, Sanatan’s Sou. Karve explained, with the help of power-point presentation, various drives undertaken by Sanatan Sanstha for spread of spirituality and Dharma.

3 policemen in plain clothes were present during the ‘sabha’. One of them took several photographs of Cell erected for exhibition of books and ‘sattvika’ products; so also hall and stage.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat